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Does your car have a blown head gasket?

  • White smoke coming out of your car’s tailpipe?
  • Is there water in your car’s oil?
  • Is your engine overheating?
  • Is your vehicle idling rough?
  • Is there backpressure or bubbling in your car’s radiator?
  • External leaks and leaking freeze plugs?

If you notice any of these signs, you need a head gasket repair sealant!


These are all classic symptoms of a broken head gasket. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to a costly repair bill. To fix the problem, you need a leaking head gasket sealer that is proven to work! Fixing these problems is easy and guaranteed with Steel Seal.

Steel Seal Repairs Blown Head Gaskets in Just One Hour

Product Description

Steel Seal – Easy Head Gasket Repair

Steel Seal is 100% guaranteed to seal your blown gasket or cracked head. It’s a clear, liquid formula that permanently seals a crack in the head gasket. This sealer will permanently fix the blown gasket or cracked head and stop leakage.

  • Backed with a 100% Money-Back Lifetime Guarantee
  • Steel Seal has 3 patents from the U.S. Government
  • Used by thousands of repair shops nationwide

It will also fix cracked heads and blocks as well as leaking freeze plugs and heater cores.

Additional Information

Weight 4.2 lbs
Best Head Gasket Sealer

Steel Seal

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Repair in 3 Easy Steps

Detailed instructions will be included with your order. Read carefully before starting the repair.

Make sure engine is cold and remove the radiator cap. Pour Steel Seal into the radiator. Tighten the radiator cap back on.
Turn heater and fan to maximum and start the engine. Let your car idle for 60 minutes. Turn off vehicle and let it cool completely. Fill the radiator with antifreeze and water, then replace the radiator cap on tightly.
Leave the Steel Seal in your system and drive the vehicle as usual.

Watch the Video

Steel Seal Fixing a Head Gasket

Steel Seal is guaranteed to fix and stop a leak from occurring. What more could you ask for in a sealant? Choose a sealer that is proven to work: SteelSeal!

The head gasket repair liquid can be yours to own today! Check out the engine block sealer reviews available on our website! Have a problem with a North Star blown head gasket? Not anymore! Steel Seal is here to make the save!