Does your car have a Blown Head Gasket?

head gasket

  • White smoke coming out of your car’s tailpipe?
  • Is there water in your car’s oil?
  • Is your engine overheating?
  • Is your vehicle idling rough?
  • Is there backpressure or bubbling in your car’s radiator?
  • External leaks and leaking freeze plugs?

If you notice any of these signs, you need a head gasket repair sealant!

These are all classic symptoms of a damaged head gasket. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to a costly repair bill. To fix the problem, you need a head gasket sealer that is proven to work! Fixing these problems is easy and guaranteed with Steel Seal.

Head Gasket Repair in a Bottle!

If you are looking for a simple DIY pour in head gasket fix that will save you thousands against a mechanical repair then look no further than Steel Seal head gasket repair.

Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair creates a seal (as the name suggests) that will set like steel, this will repair the leaks in the cylinder head gasket permanently.

Steel Seal can be used in all types of vehicles and engines with a water cooling system regardless of whether your vehicle is gasoline or diesel. Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair has a solid track record of repairing cars, bikes, vans, pickups, 4×4’s, tractors, trucks and was once even used in an airplane!

Does Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair work?

In short yes, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

We have won several industry awards and have a vast amount of repeat customers along with their testimonials.

We do not claim Steel Seal will fix every blown head gasket as sometimes the damage is simply too severe, but if you catch your problem early there is no product on the market with a higher success rate of fixing a blown head gasket. In the unlikely event Steel Seal does fail to repair your head gasket, you can claim your money back under the terms of our guarantee which has been underwritten by an independent third party for your peace of mind in the unlikely event you need to make a claim.

Lifetime Guarantee

We guarantee that steel seal will permanently repair a blown head gasket, cracked head or block. If the steel seal fails at any point during the time you own your vehicle. We will send you additional product at no cost.

Steel Seal, no hassle, no paperwork refund. Just call our tech-support at 855-771-1972 for a 100% Refund.