Well, I suppose it is going to happen sooner or later. Steel Seal is always in the “know” in terms of the auto industry, and we recently caught wind the Google has been expressing their interest in making self-driving cars.

Chris Urmson, a Google project director, stated that a self-driving car is still a few years way, but it isn’t stopping the search engine giant from trying to figure it out. Google is still deciding on whether or not to design its own car, or make an operating system available to auto makers, which is why we are hearing news that they are talking frequently with auto makers.jurassic park

The original leader of the Google Autonomous Car Project, Sebastian Thrun, says that there is an internal debate about how to use this technology. He claims that there will soon be a time when a large number of cars will use Google technology.

Is six years too soon?

A fellow at Stanford University’s Center for Automotive Research, Bryant Walker Smith, claims that any self-driving car claiming to be ready for the market in six years would have limited capabilities.

Even if the Google Self-Driving car is ready for the market by 2020, will people really be able to afford them? Urmson doesn’t think so. “Our vehicles are expensive today, but none of the components are inherently expensive,” he said. “We don’t see anything fundamental about the cost.”

This is good news for those who want to be chauffeured around town by a computerized operating system.

Which auto maker do you think will be the first to attach their name to and market the “World’s First Ever Self-Driving Car?” Also, Michael Crichton had the idea of the self-driving car over 25 years ago, when he wrote “Jurassic Park.”