You already have that sinking feeling as you pull into your local auto repair facility with white smoke billowing out of the tailpipe. If you have been around cars for a while you probably already know that you are going to need a head gasket repair. This kind of repair is going to be expensive no matter how you look at it and is going to leave you without your car for several days while the mechanic tears the top half of the engine apart and replaces the blown head gasket. If you find yourself with a car that needs a head gasket repair you have a couple of choices. You can opt to have the mechanic tear the engine apart and take a close look at the amount of damage to give you an honest estimate or you can replace the engine without looking to see if it could have been repaired. Before you make the decision to do either there are some things that you need to take into consideration regarding your car and how much money you are willing to invest in it.

Typically a head gasket repair is only worth doing if the cost of the repair is not more than the car is worth, so if you have an older car you should take this into consideration. Of course if you have a newer car and the engine does not have excessive miles on it then by all means you should consider repairing it. However if when you drove it into the shop it was making a lot of noise and sounded like it was ready to explode you might want to consider replacing it with a rebuilt engine and save yourself a lot of worry. The problem that comes into play with an engine that makes a lot of noise when it needs a head gasket repair is that you have no real idea how much more damage has been done and the repair bill can become very high.

When your head gasket leaks it lets the coolant enter into the oil which reduces the oil’s ability to properly lubricate the moving parts of your engine, this is what causes the noises you are hearing. Most of the time the damage is severe enough that you will end up replacing so many parts that it would have cost you less money to install a rebuilt engine that comes with a warranty. However if your engine is running OK or even a little rough but not making any excessive noise you may not have to do a head gasket repair at all. Thanks to Steel Seal it is possible to stop your head gasket from leaking permanently without having to turn so much as one bolt. This scientifically formulated chemical has the ability to seal even the most blown head gaskets from the inside. Professional mechanics across the country are swearing by this product and have used it to save their customers thousands of dollars. So before you drive into your local shop try Steel Seal and save yourself money.