head gasketWhat is a Head Gasket? A Head Gasket is the main seal between the cylinder head and the engine block. It is considered to be one of the most important seals in the engine and is integral to the longevity and performance of the engine. The Head Gasket seals the combustion chambers of the engine as well as the oil and coolant passages that run from the engine block into the cylinder head. Because of that function the Head Gasket is exposed to some of the most extreme conditions found in an engine in the form of pressure, combustion and chemicals.

Another reason for the Head Gasket to be viewed as an important part of the engine is that it works to keep the combustion forces in the cylinders preventing a loss of energy. The Head Gasket also keeps oil and coolant in their channels allowing them to do their respective jobs of lubricating and cooling the engine. This shows that the Head Gasket is essential to ensure the engines optimal performance, cooling and lubricating. Because of the Head Gaskets importance in the working of engines much time and money has gone into the research and development of materials and manufacturing techniques to produce better Head Gaskets.

What are Head Gaskets Made From? As we have just learned a Head Gasket has to be strong enough to seal combustion, air, coolant and oil. Not only that, but a Head Gasket needs to do this while all of the elements are at varying temperatures. So it is obvious then that the materials used in the manufacturing of a Head Gasket need to be resistant to all of the chemicals and temperatures it will encounter during its operation. Also due to variety of engine designs and their individual performance specification, different Head Gaskets made of different materials are needed to meet the specific requirements of each engine.

Millions of dollars of engineering and testing have gone into the search for materials suitable for use in Head Gaskets. This research has resulted in a variety of metals, chemical compounds and composite materials that meet the high levels of temperature, chemical and pressure resistance needed in Head Gaskets. Stainless steel and regular steel of various grades is mainly used in the production of metal Head Gaskets, one technology used in the production of steel Head Gaskets is MLS or multi-layered steel, usually consisting of 3 layers of steel. Types of fibre and graphite based composite materials are also used in the manufacture of Head Gaskets.

Recently, chemical compounds have begun to be used as Head Gaskets. Compounds such as neoprene, polymetric resins, silicone as well as others have found to provide durability and strength when used in the construction of Head Gaskets. These materials are often used on their own, or they can be combined in conjunction with other materials to produce a Head Gasket that meets the rigorous standards required to perform the difficult job of the Head Gasket. Even though Head Gasket pricing varies it is easy to see that it is worth investing in the best Head Gasket for your engine to ensure years of trouble free running.

Steel Seal


Steel Seal, with it's 99% success rate will seal your blown gasket or cracked head, or receive a full refund under our money back guarantee. It’s a green transparent liquid formula that permanently seals a crack in the head gasket.

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Steel Seal – Easy Head Gasket Repair

Steel Seal is 100% guaranteed to seal your blown gasket or cracked head. It’s a clear, liquid formula that permanently seals a crack in the head gasket. This sealer will permanently fix the blown gasket or cracked head and stop leakage.

  • Backed with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Steel Seal has 3 patents from the U.S. Government
  • Used by thousands of repair shops nationwide

It will also fix cracked heads and blocks as well as leaking freeze plugs and heater cores.

How Our Guarantee Works:

Quite simply, if the Steel Seal fails to repair your blown head gasket, cracked head or block, or fails at any point during the time you own your vehicle we will send you additional product at no extra cost, and without the hassle that many people often expect from a guarantee. It’s that straightforward!

100% money back

If you feel Steel Seal has failed to repair your head gasket please contact Technical support within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Unconditional lifetime warranty

Original owner — Non transferable

After thirty days Steel Seal will automatically initiate an unconditional life time Warranty.

View our full Guarantee Terms here: Lifetime Guarantee

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Weight 4.2 lbs

16 oz (4 cylinders), 32 oz (6 & 8 cylinders)