You’ve heard about how Steel Seal is the premier head gasket repair product, now hear what people are saying! Steel Seal has been used successfully by thousands of mechanics and customers alike to fix blown head gaskets in everything from cars and trucks to boats, big rigs, and heavy construction equipment. Searching for engine block sealer reviews? See below to hear about their experience with Steel Seal.

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by SR Conroy on Steel Seal
Make, Model, Year: 1998 Chevy S-10

This is my second use of Steel Seal, the first was in my Mother's car which she sold a year and a half After treated, and All was still Well. 2 Years ago I used it in 1998 Chevy S-10, 4.3 Liter V-6, I have purposely waited 2 years to place my Review on my S-10 so I could report a longer period of usage !I have no idea what is in this Product, but I will tell you that it worked 100% for ME,,,, 2 out of 2 times I used it,, in my Truck it has been 2 years, and NO SIGN of a problem !It is so Rare today that you can trust a product's Claims, But Take MY word,,, THIS STUFF Does EXACTLY What they SAY it DOES,,, THANKS STEEL SEAL !!!! Wish I would have known about you when I had my 1980 6.2 Diesel pickup !!!

by Jimmy R on Steel Seal
Worth every penny!!!!
Make, Model, Year: 1998 BMW 540i

Purchased Steelseal back in 2010 for my 540i BMW after contemplating junking my my surprise its 2017 and my car is still running. I can't say enough about this wonderfully engineered product, GENIUS!!! Saved me thousands of $$$, not a believer?? Try it yourself , you got nothing to lose with their Money Back Guarantee!!

by Scott on Steel Seal
Amazing Liquid
Make, Model, Year: Chevy,Venture,2004

I bought a bottle of it back in 2014 for my Chevy Venture that was blowing steam out of the exhaust pipe. i followed the instruction to the tee. It worked just like they said it would. Now 40000 miles later the van is starting to overheat, So i called up tech support and talked to Robert (Very nice & knowledgable person). Then like the Warranty states they will send you out another bottle for free.

by Geoff Smith on Steel Seal
Steal Seal
Make, Model, Year: Peugeot 307 petrol

I have just used Steel Seal as my daughters car head gasket had gone via the rac mechanic, I I should have drained the old antifreeze fluid and now for the 2nd time am going to use the steel seal again and see how it goes very good back up from company and highly Recommended to use

by Joe on Steel Seal
Steel Seal Works!
Make, Model, Year: 2004 Chevy Silverado

I used steel seal in my 04 Chevy five years ago. It worked great until a few weeks ago so I requested more. They gladly sent the new elite steel seal. Worked like a charm. Thanks for a great product and great customer service.

by Steve O'Brien on Steel Seal
It Worked
Make, Model, Year: Subaru Outback 98

In Autumn 2016 I had to keep adding radiator anti-freeze and the car developed overheating problem .....the shop said it was a leaking head gasket and would be 1,800 to fix .....the car ran , started very good , I had put 70,000 mi tires on it , but that price was too high ... then I remembered I had seen Steel Seal recommended on a Youtube video a couple of years ago by a mechanic I highly trust ...... I found this website , called and spoke to Robert .... he was quite nice and knowledgeable ... so I bought it ... I had the shop do the treatment using the simple instructions that came with it ...... Got the car back the next morning , 2 days after Thanksgiving ...... it worked , first try ...... it continues to run good , problem free 2 + months later .... am very happy

by Arlan on Steel Seal
Amazed how it worked
Make, Model, Year: 1998 Jeep

I just witnessed Steel Seal being used on a jeep with visible head coolant leak and engine miss. After 30 seconds of putting steel seal into the coolant and starting engine the visible coolant leakage stopped and the engine miss stopped! It was amazing to see it work.

by Joe De Leon on Steel Seal
Steel seal Works and honors lifetime guarantee
Make, Model, Year: 2005 Caddilac deville

Bought Steel seal over a year ago my 2005 Cadillac Deville had a blown head gasket nothing worked mechanic fee was over 5k. Steel seal worked great eliminating everything causing my motor to over heat. its been well over a year and now starting to get hot again. I called no answer, but Robert called me back almost immediately and no question asked sending me another kit. Steel steal saved my car. THANKS Robert!!!!

by Sara Lopez on Steel Seal
Life Saver not to mention $$$
Make, Model, Year: Audi Cabriolet A4

I g have used this product on 3 different cars 2 Audis and 1 Sabb I can guarantee you will be so happy fixed my head gasket problem Immediately my car went from overheating in driving it just down the street to my driving it down the coast and all around and had 0 issue I drove it like that for 3 yrs ! Same with Sabb I also have to mention the customer service and satisfaction is excellent they really care Robert personally drove over 2 hours and went out of his way to fix my car on the day of his Daughters wedding! ! I was so happy its been like 4 or 5 yrs now having a problem with another one of my cars needless to say I'm going this route again can't afford to pay thousands of dollars and all the time in shopTruthfully,Sara

by Gary Robinson on Steel Seal
Works Great - Engine runs like new
Make, Model, Year: 1997 Ford Explorer 250K miles

great product. My engine had about 250,000 miles on it when the head gasket started leaking water into the crankcase. We figured that was it for the old gal but my brother recommended steel seal. We followed directions to the letter, and the sealer worked in 10 minutes flat. No more leaks and 4000 miles later, we're at 255,000 miles and she's running like a top. Amazing product. I highly recommend it.

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