You’ve heard about how Steel Seal is the premier head gasket repair product, now hear what people are saying! Steel Seal has been used successfully by thousands of mechanics and customers alike to fix blown head gaskets in everything from cars and trucks to boats, big rigs, and heavy construction equipment. Searching for engine block sealer reviews? See below to hear about their experience with Steel Seal.

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by Ricky Jones on Steel Seal
Steelseal works
Make, Model, Year: 96 ford ranger

Had a blown head on cylinder one a motor was gonna cost $400.00 and a head was gonna cost $350.00 than I herd about steelseal for $98.00 so I ordered it and to my amazement it worked so I am a true believer of steelseal
Ricky Jones

by Brian on Steel Seal
Saved 3-5k!
Make, Model, Year: Ford V8, Club Wagon, 1998

Simply it worked. If you have any questions make the call, the guys were very helpful. I was forced into finding an affordable solution because the estimate to fix the head gasket was 3-5k, I only paid 1800 for the van! I decided to try this after trying two other products that didn't work. Then I saw a YouTube video of what the Steel Seal looked like after the product was used and the engine was taken apart. It made a lot more sense seeing how it worked so I ordered the product and called support to find out more. Again, super helpful. The issue I had was common problems with a bad head gasket. Coolant loss, weird heating issues, water leaking into a cylinder, miss fire error and pulling the spark plug it was dripping wet. There was also very moist white exhaust. The misfire error disappeared almost instantly and checking one time after first use the plug was dry. Then I kept the product in the radiator system for about a week. It’s been about 3k miles now and with one long 6 hour road trip down I consider it fixed and switched back to 2yr coolant in the radiator. The van hasn’t run this good since I bought it with 300+k miles now it seems to be running like new. I rewarded myself with some new tools since I saved thousands.

by Mike H on Steel Seal
Make, Model, Year: 2004 Infiniti G35

I don't normally go out of my way to review a product unless if it is not adequate. That said, Steel Seal is such an incredible product that I had to share my anecdote of success. This is the second time I have bought Steel Seal sto repair my blown head gaskets. I first bought Steel Seal 2 years ago when my 97 Subaru Legacy was getting airlocked from all the compression gas in my cooling system. I followed the instructions provided and it sealed the gasket up right away! I was a little worried that it wouldn't work on my Infiniti because the thermostat is designed as one piece with it's housing, and therefore wouldn't be able to bypass thermostat for steady flow in the cooling system. But I gave it a shot and BOOM! That nagging head gasket slowly but surely sealed up in my G35 as well. I would recommend this product to anyone as it has literally saved me thousands of dollars. With a money back guarantee like theirs, why wouldn't you give it a try!!

Now this product does not work if there is a leak between cylinders, but for all other leaks, this product WILL work. I know it has for me...

by John on Steel Seal
It Works!
Make, Model, Year: 2000 Cadillac DeVille

First used Steel Seal around 2009 to fix overheating engine. Worked as advertised. Great. Then had a reoccurance this Spring. Turns out an original part used was made out of a plastic material. Over time, the extreme heat caused the part to fail. Steel Seal explained the issue and sent a replacement part made of metal. It arrived in two days and completely solved the problem. No cost to me. Customer service was terrific. Couldn't be more pleased with the company or the product.

by Mike alley on Steel Seal
3 year update
Make, Model, Year: 1990 honda accord

I put steel seal in over 3 years ago and still no need at replace the head gasket

by Steve Toepfer on Steel Seal
Make, Model, Year: Ram 3500 diesel,2002

Kept losing antifreeze. Did some background and called a garage in Iowa that had success on a Ram diesel several years earlier so I gave it a try. It's been 3 years or more and it's done what it claimed. No problems. No more overheating.

by Joe Ausfahl on Steel Seal
Unbelievable Miracle for me
Make, Model, Year: 2005 Cadillac DeVille

The classic Northstar-engine-blown-headgasket-syndrome. Every product on the parts store shelves and online e-stores had been tried at least once and some more than once -- All Failures. Some of these products, like BlueDevil, even included tech-support-with-a-bad-attitude - perhaps Blue Devil will message me for some free customer contact info.
Steel Seal did have the higher initial cost but WOW did it have the best value (because it totally 100% Worked Like Magic).
Before Steel Seal my overheating problem was terrible and the car undriveable. I still haven't put the final 50-50 Prestone Ethylene Glycol mix in the cooling system and the car runs cool as can be in bumper to bumper city driving in 90+ degrees and no wind. Baking hot. Car is cool.
Two things I wasn't prepared for . . . one is how good the excellent tech support team turned out to be (just like they said call anytime and I did), Dave Whitmer was who I was coaching me across the entire flushing and repairing and final flushing. The result is working so well that I've gotten lazy on the final ethylene glycol refill
The other thing I wasn't ready for was the near explosive release when all of the past repairs, insufficient as they were, they all let go at once during the caustic flushing process. Like a splashing type boom!! And then the extent of exhaust gas suddenly escaping through the reservoir tank . . . it was so extreme it was kinda scary. Dave was there for me and scary or not I followed the process. I paid $250.00 for this fix. I would have paid $500.00 or a thousand if I knew it was THIS good. Can't say enough good about how happy I am with both the product and the people.

Joe Ausfahl
Tennessee Valley

by Hamilton Chung on Steel Seal
Skeptical as first.
Make, Model, Year: 2007 Lexus RX350

I have a Auto Repair Business..Vehicle was towed in from the Dealership to my shop Customer coudnt afford the repairs Blown head gasket. white smoke coming out of the muffler,engine had rough idle,check engine light flashing and also vehicle had extended cranking wouldnt start right away.I pulled out all 6 spark plugs the rear spark plugs intake plenum has to be removed.I ran compression and checked for coolant on spark plugs. front spark plugs all clean no coolant on spark plugs cylinders 2,4,6..excellent compression 120 psi. rear spark plugs no coolant on spark plugs. cylinder 1 120 psi compression. 3 and 5 right next to each other low compression about 90 psi.I put everything back together.I heard about steel seal on you tube never tried it. I tried blue devil,bars leak and k&w pour in head gasket repair liquid.all have failed..I decided to order steel seal and give it a try i was skeptical..I did tell the customer I will try steel seal maybe it will work maybe it wont.she gave me approval lets give it a shot. while waiting for the product to arrive in the mail. i flushed the cooling system with straight water and removed the removed the thermostat.reinstalled the thermostat housing with thermostat removed.product came in the mail 2 days later.i poured steel seal in the radiator with straight water and bleed the cooling system. poured water in until water drips out of bleeder valve.Started the vehicle rough idle white smoke. drove on highway..about less in a mile no over heating engine was riding smooth.. I continued to drive 15 miles on the highway no over heating just crusing..I returned back to the shop No white smoke coming out of muffler..I reved the engine in park super strong Idle was also perfect.I shut the vehicle off let it cool down topped with water and water wetter..drove the vehicle around 3 days..vehicle never over heated no more white smoke..I called customer told her to pick up the vehicle..I told her to return back in 2 weeks so i can put the thermostat back in..Customer was Happy she told me she saved over thousands of Dollars..I WAS SKEPICAL AT FIRST BUT STEEL SEAL IS AMAZING WORKS! K&W, BARS LEAK AND BLUE DEVIL IS GARBAGE DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THOSE PRODUCTS.BUY STEEL SEAL!

by barrie pearce on Steel Seal
steel seal back pressure
Make, Model, Year: ford focus 1.8 2003

Brought yesterday as my car had back pressure and heating up way to quickly followed all instructions and now my car works a dream no more pressure in expcation tank will update after I go for a long drive today and will recommend product to family and friends I am a self imployed macanic thank you very much for your product

by SR Conroy on Steel Seal
Make, Model, Year: 1998 Chevy S-10

This is my second use of Steel Seal, the first was in my Mother's car which she sold a year and a half After treated, and All was still Well. 2 Years ago I used it in 1998 Chevy S-10, 4.3 Liter V-6, I have purposely waited 2 years to place my Review on my S-10 so I could report a longer period of usage !I have no idea what is in this Product, but I will tell you that it worked 100% for ME,,,, 2 out of 2 times I used it,, in my Truck it has been 2 years, and NO SIGN of a problem !It is so Rare today that you can trust a product's Claims, But Take MY word,,, THIS STUFF Does EXACTLY What they SAY it DOES,,, THANKS STEEL SEAL !!!! Wish I would have known about you when I had my 1980 6.2 Diesel pickup !!!

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