You’ve heard about how Steel Seal is the premier head gasket repair product, now hear what people are saying! Steel Seal has been used successfully by thousands of mechanics and customers alike to fix blown head gaskets in everything from cars and trucks to boats, big rigs, and heavy construction equipment. Searching for engine block sealer reviews? See below to hear about their experience with Steel Seal.

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by dylan on Steel Seal
Make, Model, Year: astra 1.9 cdti 2008

Bought steel seal as my Astra 1.9 CDTI was running rough,white smoke and coolant was bubbling its amazing even for a novice mechanic like me it was so easy step by step instructions even her indoors could have done it,thanks for a great product saved me £££££s cant recommend it enough don't let the price put you off as the saying goes you get what you pay im ordering another bottle just in case anyone i know has a problem and i will offer them the same promise of a money back guarantee.Regards,Dylan

by andy on Steel Seal
good product
Make, Model, Year: vw golf gti mk4

car was overheating, used steel seal as per instructions. wasn't expecting it to work but after pouring it in, wow it actually works, car stopped over heating and still continued to drive with the same power as previous, highly recommend for a quick easy and so far reliable fix to a big expensive repair. great stuff will use again over a big repair cost!

by Damon Valverde on Steel Seal
Great Product
Make, Model, Year: 2000 Mazda MPV

Im the last guy who I would ever hear say put something in your engine. Shade Tree mechanic for 40 years. Its 2018 and new products have been developed. Van was not worth the time for a head gasket replacement. Just spent a couple Hundred for a new water pump. I saw this stuff on Scotty Kilmer. Drained coolant and filled with plain water. Put stuff in. Thats it. Drove for 5 miles steaming. It started to go down a bit. Idled it for awhile. Turned it off and came back in a half hour and repeated. Less Steam. Kept doing this till steam stopped whole refilling with Coolant mix 50/50 as needed. Engine runs fine now. Just got stuck in 2 hour traffic and it was no problem. It fills the crack and hardens with heat. The rest of the engine is fine. I recommend this product 100%! Thanks for saving me thousands of dollars.

by Galen M on Steel Seal
Galen from Sarasota FLORIDA
Make, Model, Year: 2000 Ford Explorer 4.0

I have a 2000 Ford Explorer 4.0 SOHC
A hose blew out, of the driver did not notice anything and the engine overheated to the shut itself off point. Most people know that at this point it’s a definite blown head gasket problem now or worse. Fortunately, after it cooled down I did not hear any tell tale sign of internal engine failure but because it was blowing pressure through the reservoir, wet steam from the exhaust and horrible engine miss, I was looking at the inevitable...”Head gaskets” or cracked heads, block ect.
This is a “point a to b” vehicle and not worth repairing.
I found this his product on-line and with its guarantee offer I decided what the heck? What’s to loose?
I followed the simpl instructions sent with the product and nearly 6 months later it’s still running great. It took a day or two of the process but eventually sealed and worked like I’d never imagine.
I’ve been in automotive all my life and in 50 some odd years I’ve never seen anything like this.
This product is awesome and WELL WORTH the chance and money it takes to fix your head gasket issues.
I’m a firm believer now!!!
Thanks Steel Seal! You saved my wallet

by George Hill on Steel Seal
Steel Seal works where others don't
Make, Model, Year: 2008 Chevy HHR

I'm amazed. This was my last resort before going for the head gasket replacement.
I had tried Several types of Bars Leak, K-Seal, K & W permanent sealer and Blue Devil. Call me hard headed but what troubled me is the car seemed to drive well for a while before it would heat up so I didn't think the breach could be that bad. So I kept trying.
I came across a video on Steel Seal that showed them adding it to I believe a Cadillac that was blowing white smoke and as they watch the smoke disappeared as they timed it.
So I thought Steel Seal worked for that it may work on mine. I spoke with both Roberts listed on the instructions to make sure I didn't miss anything and then added Steel Seal as instructed.
To my amazement - IT WORKED!
The car runs absolutely perfectly now. I waited a week before writing this to make sure it wasn't something temporary.
I can't thank the Roberts and Steel Seal enough for what I saved. Yes, it's a bit more expensive that the other guys but this stuff works. Save the effort of going through all the disappointments I went through and start with Steel Seal and you'll be back on the road again in no time. Thanks again, guys.

by Jay Donkel on Steel Seal
Good stuff!
Make, Model, Year: 1988 GMC C1500

I have over 235,000 miles on my truck. It was running rough with white smoke. After a treatment of Steel Seal it's running well with no smoke. Gooood stuff!!!

by Rigo on Steel Seal
good job
Make, Model, Year: 2003 Honda Civic

After watching the videos and reading some reviews i decided to give it a try, i must admit i was a little skeptical at first but to my amazement steel seal came through for me with out a hitch.just do what the instruction say and u cant go wrong,thanks Steel Seal

by C. Lee on Steel Seal
It works!
Make, Model, Year: 2005 Mercedes ML350

After going almost two months of putting in almost a liter of coolant every other day and having tried a different head gasket sealer/fixer before, I decided to give Steel Seal a try before the painful process of replacing the head gasket. I was skeptical, but had seen several other testimonials regarding the product, so decided that I'd give it a try.
I completely drained my system of any residual coolant (didn't want to take a chance that my formula was not compatible). I did not remove the thermostat as was suggested, but I had just replaced it and the water pump, so wasn't too concerned. I did replace everything with distilled water, put in both bottles (its a V6) and filled until it was 'full'. Did the drive at highway speeds, or at least kept it in the 2500 rpm range. Brought it back and let it cool, topped off the water level. After 30 minutes did the drive again. I probably did it two or three more times. Since I live in a temperate region, I left it in the vehicle for a week.
It NEVER lost its level after that first drive.
I just changed it out this weekend and replaced it with my normal coolant. It has been going on four days and the coolant level has not dropped after doing my normal driving.
It saved me tons of time.

by Scott Johnston on Steel Seal
Make, Model, Year: 1998 Chevy Cavalier

It worked beautifully. I've tried others and never had success so I was doubtful. Amazing product.

by harry scott on Steel Seal
best formula ever
Make, Model, Year: ford f-150 1997

just love it my truck has been run great best formula ever i strongly recommend this to anyone with bad head gasket and need it repaired my truck has 317 k miles and still going

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