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by Brandon Foust on Steel Seal
Make, Model, Year: Audi A4 2005

Had a blown gasket. I was losing coolant by the minute. And decided to try Steel Seal rather than going thru the hassle of spending $1700 on a new gasket install. Was using 50/50 coolant mix, drove it about 7 miles at 3000-4000 rpms. Following the instructions and it worked like a dream. Haven't had an issue since. Would highly recommend this product over any other.

by Len on Steel Seal
It works!
Make, Model, Year: 1991 Plymouth Acclaim LE

The Acclaim has been my work car for 9 years,bought from a friend who's father bought it new and did excellent maintenance but the 4 bangers in them are know to eat head gaskets.The car had 99000 mi. when I got it and blew the factory head gasket at 109000 mi.A rebuilt head and premium gasket set got it to about 195000 and another blown head gasket..A used Pull n Pay head that was cleaned up and given a good visual inspection that the head passed was bolted on with a Fel Pro gasket set..25000 mi.later it started sipping coolant ,about a plastic water bottle full after my daily 80 mi commute.The temp gauge would move around more then it should and a tiny stream of bubbles in the coolant when the engine was running told me what was going on.A head gasket or maybe a cracked head.No water and oil mixing,smoke or misfiring engine with water coming out the exhaust..I was going to park the Acclaim and drive my other work car until I had time tto tear it down.Then I came across the Steelseal ad.It sounded good but I am very cynical about mechanic in a bottle fixes.The majority of them dont work and are a waste of money,plus they end up leaving a mess inside the engine.Steelseal had a warranty and money back guarantee however so I thought,nothing to lose here by trying it..The coolant and thermostat were taken out and the system filled with straight water and a bottle of Steelseal.I drove it 10 miles and let it cool overnight,twice.No more coolant loss or bubbles.The system keeps pressure like it should and the heat gauge is stable.I put the thermostat back in and topped the radiator off withPrestone.500 miles later the car runs better then ever.This is an impressive product..I will most definitely use it again in my other vehicles if head gasket failure symptons show up.I just wish I had been aware of Steelseal earlier.It would have saved me from a couple of head gasket swaps.

by Robert on Steel Seal
Serious about their product
Make, Model, Year: 1999 E36 BMW 323ic

Originally bought the product over 6 yrs ago to hopefully repair what was a failing head gasket. Water pump impeller had failed resulting in an over heated condition. Engine was taking in water with early hydro lock and white exhaust smoke. Applied product as instructed and within an hour the white smoke ceased and the engine no longer took in water. This was done with 132000 miles on the odometer. After 6 yrs and an additional 156000 miles the engine again began to take on water. Called for a order of the product, explained the situation, to wit Robert said that the warranty of a "lifetime fix" applied and the company sent free of charge a new supply of product, which has again solved the problem.
Kudos to an excellent product and even better company !!

by Jim Justice MBA on Steel Seal
Make, Model, Year: Suzuki, Vitara, 2003

If you have a blown head gasket, or you want to do preventative maintenance on your head gaskets, Steel Seal is the stuff dreams are made of! I used this in 10-different vehicles now, never had one problem.
A guy gave me his 2003 Suzuki Vitara with a head gasket leak, he'd tried, it seems, every other product on the market and nothing would stop this leak. At the time it had around 280,000 miles on it, he was going to junk it, because the mechanic wanted $1,500 to replace the head gasket, (and that's only if the head and block weren't warped), we were talking about it, and asked me if I wanted to try and fix it, and if I couldn't get it running I could scrap it and get $100. I said okay. I started researching head gasket sealers, all the mechanics say "don't ever use them, they clog up everything!", then there was a lot of people claiming Blue Devil, or K Seal, or K & W, but my friend that I got this from had tried all of those and none of them worked. I found Steel Seal and thought to myself, "maybe...". I did 6 complete coolant flushes without any sort of chemical flush, and I believe got most of the other sealing products out. I took out the thermostat, then I filled the system with Distilled Water, and added the Steel Seal. I ran the engine at around 1,800 RPM's for 30 - 45 minutes, then took the vehicle for a 10-mile ride, not a drip. I gave it 48-hours, drained the system and filled it with the correct 50/50 coolant and replaced the thermostat. This was 20,000 miles ago. This little Suzuki has around 310k on it now and is still running strong! As far as it clogging up everything, I don't know what these mechanics are talking about, everything still works, the cooling system, the heater in the vehicle, etc. I think they are just desperate to make a buck, so they tell lies. Thank you Steel Seal for helping me get a great little, super dependable car for a few hundred dollars!!

by John Reed on Steel Seal
Does EXACTLY what it claims to do!
Make, Model, Year: 1994 Toyota PU 22RE 4-cyl

Yes, I readily admit I was somewhat skeptical concerning the advertised performance of Steel Seal, being an "Old School" Mechanic, as my son calls me! All I can say is : "Have no fear, it does what it claims it will" !! My old Toyota suddenly developed a High Pressure Condition in the Radiator / Cooling System, with extreme bubbling and fluid expansion in the Overflow Tank, with the associated hot mess all over the garage floor every time I shut it off. After calculating the Parts & Labor, along with the personal time involved with replacing the Head Gasket, milling the Head, possible Valve Grinding or replacement, I decided to give 'ol Steel Seal a chance to show what it's made of, so to speak! I am much more than pleasantly surprised, to say the least! I followed the Installation Instructions to the letter, with a short trip down the highway at a steady 3K-4K RPM, then returned to the garage to let the engine cool. As advertised, it sealed the Head Gasket, eliminated all "over pressurizing" of the coolant system, fixed the "white exhaust" condition it was exhibiting, and made the owner very, very pleased ! Thank you Steel Seal, I have, and will continue to recommend your product !! Excellent !!
John Reed
Spokane, WA. USA
'94 Toyota PU 22RE 4cyl. 130K miles.

by Aaron on Steel Seal
A+ Service
Make, Model, Year: Dodge, Ram, 2000

This company does customer service right. Bought the initial treatment and it did not work contacted customer support and they sent me a treatment package that day. Three years later a small leak started, contacted customer service and they had it shipped out the next day. No hoops to jump through what so ever. A company that stands behind its guarantee is hard to find these days.

by Davis on Steel Seal
Steel seal
Make, Model, Year: 99 Dodge intrepid

Sending out many thanks to the technicians including Robert,Dave and English Robert !for their awesome help with the Direction's of how to successfully use steel seal in my 1999 Dodge intrepid with an interference engine ,loosing antifreeze, white smoke from tail pipe.for a couple of days, after using the steel seal product all of the above problems have disappeared and that has now been about a year and a half ago..So months later bought some for 98 Buick. Called technician Dave with questions on another vehicle with a different problem and with Dave's skilled knowledge, diagnosed the problem which ended up not being a head gasket problem.. EXCELLENT PRODUCT, Rave about it all the time.

by Eddie on Steel Seal
Finally a product that does what it says!!
Make, Model, Year: 1995 Ford Ranger Xlt

Fantastic my truck is back on the road after one application. Thank You

by John on Steel Seal
Land Rover
Make, Model, Year: Land Rover Discovery 2 2003

I had a blown head gasket in my Discovery 2 for over 1 year. It stared causing white steam from tail pipe and misfires in my number 1 cylinder. It would have taken me a long time and head ache to change the head gasket myself. I decided to try Steel Seal as a first step, I followed the directions and it's been a couple weeks now and my vehicle is still running great. Thank you Steel Seal!!

by Nick fiore on Steel Seal
Make, Model, Year: 05 chevy equinox

I purchased the product because I was having overheating issues after a blown heater hose was replaced. After trying several other fixes, water pump,fan relay switch,& thermostat. I was told it was a head gasket, when I got the Steel Seal I called for tech support, spoke w/Robert , after explaining what the car was doing, he advised me that it was not a head gasket. He then told me what to try to clear an air pocket from the motor, it worked never had a blown gasket, my advice is call tech support before you do anything else.

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