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by Aaron on Steel Seal
A+ Service
Make, Model, Year: Dodge, Ram, 2000

This company does customer service right. Bought the initial treatment and it did not work contacted customer support and they sent me a treatment package that day. Three years later a small leak started, contacted customer service and they had it shipped out the next day. No hoops to jump through what so ever. A company that stands behind its guarantee is hard to find these days.

by Davis on Steel Seal
Steel seal
Make, Model, Year: 99 Dodge intrepid

Sending out many thanks to the technicians including Robert,Dave and English Robert !for their awesome help with the Direction's of how to successfully use steel seal in my 1999 Dodge intrepid with an interference engine ,loosing antifreeze, white smoke from tail pipe.for a couple of days, after using the steel seal product all of the above problems have disappeared and that has now been about a year and a half ago..So months later bought some for 98 Buick. Called technician Dave with questions on another vehicle with a different problem and with Dave's skilled knowledge, diagnosed the problem which ended up not being a head gasket problem.. EXCELLENT PRODUCT, Rave about it all the time.

by Eddie on Steel Seal
Finally a product that does what it says!!
Make, Model, Year: 1995 Ford Ranger Xlt

Fantastic my truck is back on the road after one application. Thank You

by John on Steel Seal
Land Rover
Make, Model, Year: Land Rover Discovery 2 2003

I had a blown head gasket in my Discovery 2 for over 1 year. It stared causing white steam from tail pipe and misfires in my number 1 cylinder. It would have taken me a long time and head ache to change the head gasket myself. I decided to try Steel Seal as a first step, I followed the directions and it's been a couple weeks now and my vehicle is still running great. Thank you Steel Seal!!

by Nick fiore on Steel Seal
Make, Model, Year: 05 chevy equinox

I purchased the product because I was having overheating issues after a blown heater hose was replaced. After trying several other fixes, water pump,fan relay switch,& thermostat. I was told it was a head gasket, when I got the Steel Seal I called for tech support, spoke w/Robert , after explaining what the car was doing, he advised me that it was not a head gasket. He then told me what to try to clear an air pocket from the motor, it worked never had a blown gasket, my advice is call tech support before you do anything else.

by Rocky williams on Steel Seal
Works wonders
Make, Model, Year: 2002 Jeep liberty

If it wasn't for steelseal I would have spent 1500$ to fix my blown head gasket but instead it only cost me 120$ thank you steelseal

by Stephen Barnard on Steel Seal
Busso Alfa Romeo Saved
Make, Model, Year: Alfa Romeo 164 Super 1994

Absolutely amazing. My engine overheated after a 4-year rebuild (Euros 5,500) due to a fouled radiator. Normally the Busso 3-litre V-6 can be killed off if it overheats - Euros 7,500 normal rebuild costs. I had the mayonnaise in the coolant and increasing tendency to overheat. Engine = toast. BUT - I read a report in a UK car magazine (Evo, I think) - just 2 lines - and thought I would give it a go. It worked! I am stunned. (But - I do wonder how many other engines have been trashed that could have been saved if Steel Seal was marketed properly... :-) )

by Gary Moss on Steel Seal
Make, Model, Year: 1998 Izuzu Rodeo 3.2 v6

I would like to thank Phyllis, Bob and English Bob for the unbeatable support you all showed. It is only day one but the results are very encouraging! And your personal interest is admirable in this day and age.

Best regards: Thank You.

GS Moss

by Douglas Imbergamo on Steel Seal
Amazing stuff !
Make, Model, Year: 2001 Honda Civic

Second time I have used steal seal for a blown head gasket. Second time it worked ! GREAT PRODUCT !!!

by Robert Sarnelle on Steel Seal
Great Product And Tech Support
Make, Model, Year: Chevy, Hot rod pick up 1951

This has a rebuilt 1980's 350 small block. 10 years old 4,000 miles. Running fine one day. Next day a lot of steam out of the left tail pipe and shut it off. It had not overheated. The next day I went to start it and it was hydro locked. I found which plug it was and removed it and water poured out . I drained the water. I read the reviews about all the differant head gasket sealers. This was the most expensive but looked to have the best results and a guarantee. I thought I would try it. There are a few different ways to use the product. I removed the stat and flushed. Filled and add Steel Seal. I was worried about driving it so I used the "not road worthy". I started it and ran it at about 2000 rpm. It was steaming a lot. after about 10 minutes it lessened. By 20 min. it had stopped steaming. It started to get to about 205 degrees. I put a fan in front to add more air and slowed it to 1500 rpm for the last 10 min. Let cool than drove it around in 2nd gear to try to keep it up at 2500 rpm for another 30 min. It is running great. No water loss or over heating.

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