One of the smartest ways for you to save money on your vehicle is to learn how to change your own oil. You can spend an arm and a leg, as well as a great deal of presence taking your vehicle to the nearest mechanic to change your oil, but doing it at home is easy and fun if you don’t mind rolling up those sleeves and getting your hands dirty. (Unless you don’t where shirts with sleeves!)

After changing your oil a few times, you may begin to notice your old oil taking up space in your garage. How do you get rid of it? Do you throw it away? Well, what many people may not realize is that oil never really gets old. Even though it is used, you can put it through a filtration process.

This oil was already used in my vehicle. Can I use it again?

Used oil should never be used inside a vehicle again. After being used, oil is classified as hazardous material and should be taken to the nearest oil recycling center. The reason why oil shouldn’t be used for a second go-around is because it comes into contact with water, dirt, metal particles and other impurities that can contaminate it.

I need to take my oil to the nearest recycling center. Will this cost me money?

In most cases, taking your used oil to a nationwide recycling center shouldn’t cost you anything; however, in some states (like California) the recycling centers WILL PAY YOU to take your used oil. This is a great incentive to get rid of used oil and keep your garage free the hazardous material.

If I can’t put the oil back in my car, what are some creative ways to use it?

Even though you can’t put the used oil back in your vehicle, you can still get some creative use out of it if you aren’t committed to taking it to a recycling center. They include:

  • Use for an oil burning furnace
  • Use it as lube to help loosen rusty bolts
  • Filter the oil and use it for your handy-dandy chainsaw
  • Use it to coat machine parts stored away in your garage

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