People ask us all the time if Steel Seal works on Diesel Engines. It does!! Here is a review from another Happy Customer:

Well I really put your product to the test with this extreme case of engine failure. I own a 1995 Chevrolet Silverado one ton dually 4×4 with a 6.5 Turbo Diesel. These high compression engines are known for their bad cooling design which can cause overheating and result indiesel turbo engine blown head gaskets, cracked heads, or worse cracked block. I don’t know which issue I had but I was getting oil in the water/coolant and tons of white smoke pouring out of the exhaust at 154,000 miles (possible cracked block around the number 8 cylinder based on tests). I installed your product exactly as the directions stated and just like that within 20 to 30 minutes no more white smoke, within 1 hour no more oil in the water! WOW! now it is many thousands of miles later and I am towing more than 10,000lbs and this high compression turbo diesel is still going strong!! Thank you so much for creating such an incredible product it really works! I have saved thousands of dollars!

Daulvin McCarthy, California